Are there other manufacturers making a product similar to ArmorKote?

Yes, there are other manufacturers that produce an industrial grade epoxy coating for pool resurfacing. However, these products are not 100% solids and utlize Zylene or MEK which can cause high VOC levels. There is no other pool resurfacing product with the performance, durability and user friendliness of ArmorKote by KoreKote.

Do you have a client referral list that I can call to get direct customer feedback regarding your product?
How are you able to provide a warranty on the ArmorKote DIY product while your competitors do not?
How do temperatures below 50°F affect the application the ArmorKote product?
How thick is one coat of the ArmorKote top coat?
I applied epoxy paint on my pool and it failed within the 1st year. It came off the wall in sheets but remained bonded on the floor. The manufacturer and contractor told me my water table was too high causing the failure. Is this possible?
I have an old plaster pool that was painted with rubber paint. After 2 years it’s peeling, blistering and chalking. Do I have to sandblast my pool prior to using your ArmorKote?
I have been searching the internet for different products. What makes your BondKote filler/puddy repair superior to others?
I have heard that a second coat on a previously painted pool will not last more than 1 to 2 years. Why is this?
I purchased and applied the ArmorKote resurfacing system 4-years ago and would like to know when to recoat my pool?
If ArmorKote is so good, why aren’t more contractors handling your product?
If we apply ArmorKote resurfacing system and it fails what are the conditions of your warranty?
Is ArmorKote a DIY pool resurfacing system only? Can it be used on commercial projects?
It has been nearly 10 years since I applied the ArmorKote pool resurfacing system. How will I know when my pool needs to be recoated?
My fiberglass Jacuzzi spa has small pinholes that are causing leakage and the top GelCoat has disappeared. Can ArmorKote correct these problems?
My one-piece fiberglass drop-in-pool needs a new topcoat. I searched on the Internet for a source to buy a gel coat for my pool but found limited options. Will the ArmorKote product work well on my pool surface and is it better than a gel coat?
My swimming pool has been losing an inch of water daily, what do you recommend?
Once ArmorKote has cured how do freezing temperatures affect it?
Why do pool and EHB epoxy paints chalk and delaminate so quickly compared to ArmorKote?
The plaster on my pool floor is very rough with some pop-off and hollow sections. What can I do to smooth out the surface so my children will not hurt their feet?
We just moved into this new house and found out this 30-year-old pool has been leaking. What do you recommend using in order to fix this leak?