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David Sides, Holland, PA

'My 40 year old pool was cracked, losing water and was painted every 3 to 4 years. Before making a decision about which company and which product to use I spoke to 15 to 20 pool owners and saw installations done with the UltraGuard product. I know it's a product that will outlast its guarantees. Yes! I would definitely recommend the UltraGuard product."


Kevin Grevera, Bucks County, PA

"I am the Director of Operations of a major International Plastics Manufacturer. I have been in the Plastics Industry for 24 years. Knowing the properties of plastics, and their chemical resistance and my research into UltraGuard, I believe it is the best swimming pool interior on the market today. I would be happy to speak to you if you are considering UltraGuard."

Mr. And Mrs. Tony Strobel, Bethlehem, PA

"My Fiberglass wall had blisters and the pool was leaking. I searched the Internet and found the UltraGuard system. I realized that it was capable of solving my problems. I highly recommend this product."

William Kane, Gwynned, PA

"As a mechanical engineer, I never make a final decision until I thoroughly research all of the technical properties, benefits and history of the product. Our 30 year old pool was in need of major restoration, but considering the limited options (paint, plaster, and fiberglass) and the history of failures these product have had, I realized that UltraGuard was the only logical long lasting pool interior."

Jean Conover, Mount Laurel, NJ

"I would normally not give a testimonial on any product, but because I am so happy with UtraGuard, I have no problems doing so.

My 27-year old pool needed a facelift. I looked at my options, but realized, the only intelligent decision for pool resurfacing is UltraGuard. I found it to be a virtually maintenance free product. My savings on chemicals were substantial, and best of all I have not had a chronic algae problem. My local UltraGuard contractor was able to offer me a 10-year warranty where no other company or product was able to do.

Yes, I would definitely recommend UtraGuard."

Jerry Dobson, Texas

"UltraGuard exceeded my expectations. UltraGuard really adhered to my pool surface and our polymer surface is a lovely color and incredibly tough. I can truthfully say the benefits that are mentioned on the website are correct. I found it to be a virtually a maintenance free surface. I highly recommend the industrial UltraGuard coating.

I would be happy to be your Texas representative. "

Dr. Jerry Dobson Ph.D
Professor emeritus of chemistry


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