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Prepping Your Pool

I have said in the past that all pools are different and unique, with their problems. The devil is in the prep. We will send you 11 pages of proprietary instructions after you have purchased that you will read one time and never read again. When the pool is empty it is as much mines as it is yours. You will tell me what you see and feel, during every step of your prep. I will tell you based on this information if you are ready to go to the next step. It will seem that I am in the pool working with you step by step. No other manufacture will give you the time as I do, to insure a successful prep where your pool will never fail again. When water is going in the pool it's you pool once again. I will then give you a control number for the best warranty in the pool industry today. I will have a folder with your name and the amount of calls you made to me. If you don't have a control number you will not have a warranty, the more times you call me the better I like it. That is one of the main reasons that we have an amazing less than 1 1/2 % failure, and of course the best pool interior coating in the industry today. Please click off and read the UltraGuard challenge. No manufacture since 2003 has ever dared to meet the UltraGuard challenge that includes AquaGuard 5000 of Aquatech remember UltraGuard is not a pool paint it is industrial coating. If you follow our instructions it cannot fail. You will receive longevity of 10 to 13 years for one coat and a longevity of 26 years with a second coat, BUT OF COURSE YOU MUST CALL US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

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