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Hi I'm Ken Bankoff, Founder of UltraGuard. I never thought I would be posting such sensitive and personal information on my website. The pool industry today is worse than the politics in this great country. Contractors and manufacturers will say anything to get your job; you get so confused you don't know who to believe or buy from.

A manufacture posted on the internet that I was a sex predator and wanted by the FBI and they could not find me. Another manufacture acting as if he were a contractor used the UltraGuard on 22 commercial pools and they all failed in the Philadelphia and tri state area and of course that's a lie. There was no name of the contractor or the name of his company and certainly no names and phone numbers of his customers that had a failure.

They also posted when I was in Las Vegas at the national pool show with Jeannie who works with me and they found us drunk lying on the street, that's such BS. I must admit I do enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

You may ask why they are doing this and saying such negative lies, the answer is quite simple. They cannot compete with UltraGuard. Since 2003, on the internet, UltraGuard has been proven to be America's number 1 tested, quality product with the best 5 and 10 year warranties.

If you are an Architect, Engineer, or even a Paint chemist before you buy any product you always read the MSDS sheets which proves what we are saying on that website is 100% true. Our MSDS sheets are the strongest in the pool industry, and so are the testimonials of our customers.

There are 2 companies who posted this information on the internet and many other lies about UltraGuard and Ken Bankoff and I know who they are. I must admit I have had my share of problems, in the late 70's and early 80's. I was fiberglassing residential and commercial pools and they all failed within 2 or 3 years first by chalking then blistering and then by flaking. I made a deadly mistake I offered a 5-year and 10 year warrants as a DIY. I lost my house, my trucks and took personal bankruptcy and lost all credibility.

Thank God for UltraGuard! It gave me the opportunity to be successful once again. I know it's difficult to make a decision to buy or not to buy. Please look at my accomplishments I have had since 2003 and I am proud yes –proud that I was capable building up during this time a million dollar business plus.

We have shipped close to 5000 homeowners and have had failures of 35 or 40 of them. But these customers did not call me during the prep and installation of UltraGuard and did not receive a 5 or 10 year warranty. If you call me every step of the way I keep a folder of your questions and tell you if you are ready for the next step. When water is going in the pool we will give you a control number, which is your 5 or 10 year warranty. No Control Number! No Warranty! Our warranties have been recognized with the BBB since 2003 and we have had an A+ rating during this time. If any manufacturer tells you anything different from what you have just read they are full of BS and lying through their teeth. We bend backwards to make our customers happy.

Did you listen to Ken’s video? It will save you 2 hours of research.

Did you fill out the questionnaire? It will take no more than 2 minutes of your time.

Did you read the UltraGuard Challenge to all manufactures in the pool industry?

Did you take time and read Ken’s A+ Rating from the BBB since 2003 when he went on the internet?

Did you read Ken’s testimonials that are 9- 13 years old?

Did you read the failure rate of 1.25% that UltraGuard has because the customers never got a control number and of course did not get a guarantee?


CLICK HERE to see how Aqua Guard 5000 is misrepresenting on their home page of their website with the FDA.

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