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From: "Marc Davis" <marcdavis@whitesandsconstruction.com>
To: "Ultraguard@Comcast. Net" <kenbankoff@poolrestoration.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 01:17:47 +0000

I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service you provided during our renovation of the Natatorium at the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Alamogordo. Being a general contractor, we have been involved in many different types of commercial construction projects, new and remodel. This, however, was my first experience renovating a commercial pool. With the poor condition of the existing surface, I was, needless to say, uneasy about prepping and painting my first pool. Your informative web site gave me a great deal of helpful information, and I was very impressed with the speedy response and personal help you gave me. The staff here at the school are very cautious with anything dealing with their students well being, and this pool is one of the most desired recreational and therapeutic activities they have to offer. Ultraguard's non-toxic formula seemed like the best choice on the market and I am very happy we went with your product.
I will absolutely use UltraGuard on my next water project. Thank's again for all your help.

Marc Davis
White Sands Construction Inc.
(575)430-7575 cell
(575)437-7816 office

I just wanted to write a express our satisfaction with using the Ultra Guard coating on all of our pool resurfaces, we are a pool maintenance, repair contractor in the Charlotte, NC area and for sometime have been having problems with finding a true industrial coating for the pool surface that would hold up for more than a year. When we used the product for the first time we knew we had come across something very unique and durable as our customer love it as it has reduced their chemical consumption by about 30% as well gave them a smooth surface for there pool bottom. We now will be using Ultra Guard as our exclusive pool resurfacing coating for Cayman Pool Management, Inc.

David Kilmer
Cayman Pool Management, Inc.
2570 Sunberry Lane
Concord, NC 28027

Ultraguard was chosen for this application on a home that we were “flipping for a profit”. Why did we choose Ultraguard? We wanted no future problems for the buyers and more importantly, we wanted to use a product that would limit our future liability. After researching many different products in the industry, it became very apparent that Ultraguard offered something unique. Doing extensive product research including many hours of questioning Ultraguard, we felt absolutely confident that this was the product for our application offering the durability and longevity we were looking for.

Not only was it our first pool refinish, but it was also our first time using Ultraguard. After prepping the pool, the bond coat was applied. Amazingly, with only the bond coat applied, the existing plaster became as strong as a plastic bucket. What had been a non-durable plaster finish no longer seemed to exist. Once the color coat was then applied, it transformed a once ugly green-tinted chalky swamp into a backyard beauty. We also applied a very light broadcasting of sand onto the stairs to deter slipping when entering and exiting the pool.

Thank you for introducing R&R Restorations to your state of the art pool coating application.In the past we have tried other methods of interior and exterior pool coatings for both residential and comercial pools. Our company has been serving the hotel industry for over fifteen years and until now have not been more satisfied with any other product like yours for projects requiring longevity. This product will absolutly change the restoration indistry.

The attached pictures are the Hampton Inn Shamokin Dam, PA.

Randy Gardner / Robert Wollet
R&R Restorations

Hi how are u please excuse my informality I am own a painting company where we at one time specialized in pool resurfacing in major hotel chains we used ramuc paint unfortunately it didn't hold up to commercial abuse so i have drifted from pool resurfacing and have been searching for a product like yours where i can comfortably tell these folks that yes your pool will last i love what i read about your product it sounds very promising for my company how well does it work over very deteriorated plaster ramuc wouldn't hold even though rep said it would i have remained faithful to my clients even if it requires me to recoat due to ramucs poor performance but i believe u have my answer is there anyway u can send me more info and color charts for customers thanks do much for your time

Bill Jowers Jr.
Virginia Painting

Dear Ultraguard,

My name is Chris Sales owner of C S Pool Service here in Wichita, KS. I've been in business since 2002, and recently I was inquiring about resurfacing and painting swimming pools. I checked with other pool professionals in my area and all had the same horror stories about flaking, chalking and general failures. In time I seen this for myself, I knew there was something better. I started researching pool coatings and found your product via the internet. I did my first pool with the ultra guard 6000 in 2007 and was very pleased with the outcome. I will continue use this this product because it is a true industrial coating, and my customers could not be more pleased with the finished product.

Thank You Ultraguard,

Chris Sales
C S Pool Service


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