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Concrete Cleaner

Basic instructions for:

NOW there is no need to Acid Wash or TSP your pool. Follow the link to learn about crystallization.

Prepping a concrete pool that has been painted

These are basic instructions that are given by DYI companies but are not always 100% effective. This could cause future failure of any pool coating. Every pool is different in prep. That is why we speak to every one of our customers prior to applying the UltraGuard. We consider these additional instructions as proprietary.

The first thing you must do is find out if you have a rubber based paint. Take a slither of you paint to a paint store to be tested. If they don’t have the time to do this for you, buy MEK in the solvent department. Place the sliver of paint in a glass with the MEK and let sit for 4-5 hours. If the chemistry of the paint changes in any way, slippery, slimy or starts to dissolve, it is a rubber-based paint. If there is no change the UltraGuard primer bond coat will be used.

Step one - Wash the pool with Tri-sodium Phosphate (TSP)

Every pool must firsrt be scrubbed with TSP. This product can be bought at Home Depot and is now available in liquid form. The TSP should be applied in 15 to 20 foot sections and immediately rinsed after each section. Do not permit mixture to dry on the wall.
A pump should be kept at the bottom drain to evacuate the liquids at all times.

Step two - Acid wash the pool

The acid washing causes etching of the pool. Depending upon the hardness of your water the acid content will very. First add water to a 5-gallon plastic pail then add the acid according to directions that are on acid container. Always wear gloves and goggles.
Pour acid solution onto the walls in sections by walking around the top of your pool. When the bubbling stops rinse immediately. Do not permit the solution to dry on the wall. When the walls are completed then do the floor.

Step three – Wash the pool again

Immediately after the acid wash, the pool must be scrubbed once again with the TSP, which will neutralize the acid. The TSP and acid will act as a barrier if the pool is not washed down 100%.

Step four – Sanding the pool

The entire pool must be lightly sanded with a 36-grit sanding pad on a small hand grinder with a fiberglass-backing pad. This can be bought at the tool corral at Home Depot.
The pool must be clean and dust free prior to the primer bond coat.

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