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Algae Problems

No More Algae Problems
Swimming Pool Algae is a Thing of the Past With UltraGuard Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Aging plaste pools become rough, allowing algae stains to grab hold. Acid washing is a temporary solution to this problem. Unfortunately, acid washing causes additional degradation, where the surface becomes so rough it can actually cut the feet of the bathers.  

Our Non-Porous Tile Like Surface Prevents Chronic Algae Maintenance

With an UltraGuard pool surface, you will never again have scraped knees, elbows, or cut feet. With an UltraGuard surface, a sponge and mild detergent will remove most algae stains because UltraGuard does not become a host. Stains and algae can not and will not cling to it.

You will save hundreds of dollars every year on chemicals because you will never have to try to kill and get rid of algae.


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