Ultraguard vs Plaster

Plaster Pool after Ultraguard applicationWho wins with UltraGuard vs Plaster?

Your original Marcite Plaster lasted 10-22 years. On a pool redo, the life expectancy is 5-6 years and sometimes less. That is why only a 1 year warranty is offered by the plaster pool companies. The principal costs of an overall swimming pool operation are divided into daily maintenance and operational costs, long-term capital and maintenance costs, and those associated with heating. The characteristics of plaster pool surfaces vary greatly from those restored with UltraGuard because of the nature of the materials. The list below contains the most common cost causing problems associated with swimming pools and how UltraGuard vs plaster are affected.

Rough Surfaces

Plaster, Marcite: As a plaster swimming pool wears, roughness increases causing blisters, scuffed feet and bleeding. This surface usually starts deteriorating after approximately 3-5 years when pools are constantly heated.
UltraGuard: Consistently smooth. No scuffed feet or toes. Heating will have no impact on this surface.

Blemishes and Stains

Plaster, Marcite: Marcite plaster is subject to stains that can occur as early as when the water is put into the pool. Stains will increase with time and can only be eliminated by acid washing which causes plaster deterioration (roughness) and increases long range maintenance costs because the surfaces must be cleaned more often.
UltraGuard: UltraGuard’s surface has outstanding resistance to stains and surface is easy to clean.

Algae Resistance

Plaster, Marcite: Porous plaster surface that algae adheres to with no resistance. Removal requires special chemicals and/or acid washing. Potential for problems increases with heated pools.
UltraGuard: Our dense surface resists algae growth.

Pool Chemicals

Plaster, Marcite: Plaster pool finishes have a porous, reactive surface that requires high chemical usage at all times because water and chemicals interact with plaster.
UltraGuard: Nearly impervious surface is extremely chemical resistant.

Bonding to Existing Substrate

Plaster, Marcite: Plaster pool resurfacing has had major problems with pop-offs & delamination.
UltraGuard: An exclusive penetrating bond coat prevents any delamination.