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You should know the difference between a product that is paint, a product that is a true epoxy high build, (EHB) and UltraGuard industrial coating.

Only true epoxy high builds (EHB) can be used for acid containment, water containment and food containment. The chlorine of your pool cannot breakdown a true EHB. Do not be mislead by other epoxy paint manufacturers that claim they have EHB.

Paint products that claim to be EHB coatings.

Most paint products have clay products and additives, which are water or oil base.
Products, which are based with solvents such as MEK, Acetones or zylenes, usually have a pot life of 3-4 hours. Any coating at time of mixing with a 3-4 hour pot life is a paint and positively not a EHB. Any product that needs to be heated or a solvent added to it usually will break down and oxidize in a short period of time and will chalk. If a product contains over 20 percent powders such as some epoxy paints they are not true 100% solids and contain too many powders this will in time cause flaking and delamination. Some can have up to 68% powders, which will never stand up to any kind of water containment. Epon epoxy resins are for floor applications, which a lot of companies use for pool coatings, and they will not stand up to chlorine chemicals. Any product that is water based also is usually a paint product.

Only industrial coatings have any longevity. The easiest way of knowing if it is a true epoxy high build coating and not the typical epoxy paint, is to find out how long after applying you can add water to your pool. If you must wait 5 to 7 days and be concerned about rain or humidity you know it is paint. If it is called paint do not apply on swimming pools there is a reason it is called paint. Paints and coatings are always a temporary application.

True coatings for liquid containment.

A true polymer product will be thick, but not thin like water that is why paints and epoxy paints have only a 2-mil application. When you add solvents it destroys the true molecules of the product and turns it into paint, which is now a porous finish. Any porous finish will never last more then 2 or 3 years before it starts to fail. A true coating should be at least 80 percent high yield polymer resin and all powders should be polymer based acceptable. The best coating product is usually an alcohol based product, that has very little or no odors. Always read the MSDS sheets attached which is not EPA approved and can be very hazardous to your health. If it has an odor don't us it. (All our products are odorless and non-toxic.)

A penetrating primer bond coat, which has a very thin viscosity, is necessary when applying an epoxy coating for pool applications. This primer bond coat becomes part of the pool structure and will give you a physical and chemical bond.

UltraGuard has the only industrial coating in the pool industry today and the only true epoxy high build that will not chalk, blister or flake providing the pool is prepped properly.

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